DMouse v1.3.2 beta Released!

Finally I managed to resolve some bugs in previous version:

No more vibrating cursor

Just remove the object from screen and it will go in background process

Consumes less resources ( 5% less CPU usage)

Now it works fully on integer values rather than float values

Increased usage of core library functions for faster execution.

But still its BETA version and do let me know if you find any problems with it.

Thank You,

Dhaval Palsana.

Full Tutorial:


10 thoughts on “DMouse v1.3.2 beta Released!

  1. nice work !.

    One question , is possible to invert de video capture?
    I want to point the webcam over a wite paper on my desk , and manage the mouse moving the pencil over the paper.

    • Thanks!,
      Yes of course you can do this! but i dont understand why you want to invert de video capture? Please explain me your problem so that i can help you with modified program.

  2. Dear Dhaval, your program is amazing!Thank you very much for your GREAT work!
    I also have a question: please tell me: can I use as a mouse(controller), DMouse in the PC games?

    • Thanks for using it! Yes of course you can use it, I play angry birds with DMouse. Just make sure that your game resolution is same as that of your windows resolution e.g, if your desktop resolution is 1280 X 800 then game must also be running on 1280 X 800 resolution otherwise you will lose the corner movements and mouse will go crazy. Have fun!

  3. how to emulate mouse click????

  4. I got an error message and could not continue: ERROR: Sample CB() – buffer sizes do not match. I have Dell Webcam Central & WIndows 7.

  5. Hi, Dhaval Palsana!

    I need to use a camera like a mouse, ie, scoring a fixed point on the projection of a camera and so, when I move this camera, this fixed point can be interpreted as the mouse cursor, it is possible to do this using the DMouse’s code?


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